EVERYONE loves Lollipop Signs at IMEX 2022

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IMEX America is the largest trade show for the global meetings, events and incentive travel industry. Lollipop Signs was proud to partner with LGBT MPA at IMEX to showcase our product at this year’s show. Bud Light anyone?

Our Lollipop Branding for IMEX 2022

Lollipop Signs achieved a new highlight in our journey of providing top-tier signage solutions, this time at the globally renowned IMEX 2022 event. We were privileged to light the way for an exclusive group of attendees, marking a significant milestone in our continuous commitment to excellence.

Our strategically positioned, highly visible Lollipop Signs played a pivotal role in navigating the event space and directing attendees smoothly to their intended destinations.

Benefits and Impact of Lollipop Signs at IMEX 2022

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Enhanced Attendee Safety:

The deployment of Lollipop Signs at IMEX 2022 greatly improved attendee safety. By brightly lighting the event spaces and pathways, we created a secure environment for attendees to navigate.

Effortless Directional Guidance:

Our signs were instrumental in offering clear, straightforward directions, enabling effortless navigation for attendees amidst the dynamic atmosphere of IMEX 2022.

Increased Brand Exposure and Recognition:

Our branded signs acted as a portable advertising tool, elevating brand visibility among a distinguished audience.

Transform Your Event Experience with Our Signage Solutions!

No matter the scale or type of your event, our signage is crafted to make a lasting impact and enhance operational efficiency. Contact us today to begin planning for your event’s signage needs!

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