• man holding a sign

    Branding at Super Bowl

  • woman holding a sign

    Open Seats in dark auditoriums

  • woman holding a sign while smiling

    Group Wayfinding

  • man smiling

    Line signs at Cirque du Soleil

  • woman holding a sign on an expo

    Directional in large crowds

  • man smiling while holding a sign


Innovative Design

US Patent Pending #63/218425>

Recognized Worldwide as the most sustainable, reusable Sign Platform
Extremely light and as bright as three 100 watt light bulbs
Change the printed image in minutes with our Component Design System

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Custom Shapes

Customize your sign and STAND OUT above the crowd

custom shaped led lollipops burger bob sign

Burger Bob and Louise for FOX at Super Bowl LVII

Our hand held signs are perfect to identify sub-groups when
loading buses and organizing activties

nbc Phillips 66 omega visa open seat friends and family porsche green team

Worldwide Experience

Our Lollipop Signs have traveled the world to major events including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA, Formula 1, MLS, UFC, Kentucky Derby, NBA, RWC, The Olympics, and the Super Bowl

Reusable Sign Platform

Our sign platform is reusable, helping events become more sustainable. We plant trees with every order to offset our carbon footprint . Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year

signage parts

Change your printed message in minutes with our Component Design System. The LED sign platform is long lasting and the printed inserts only cost $29.95 per sign

signage parts

Love at First Sign

We’ve supplied LED Lollipop Signs to top brands including – Gatorade, Samsung, Facebook, Visa, Dell, United, Cisco, Fox, NBC, Verizon, GE, etc. They all love our signs.

Drop Us a Message Free Artwork

Our sign platform is reusable helping events become more sustainable we plant trees every order to offset our carbon footprint. Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year.

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