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The thinnest, lightest, and brightest Lollipop Signs in the world.

We are famous for our LED Event Signs Our Lollipop Signs have traveled the world to major events, including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA, Formula 1, MLS, UFC, Kentucky Derby, NBA, RWC, The Olympics, and the Super Bowl.

US Patent Pending #63/218425

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Lollipop Signs by Moving Products has a rich history of serving the Olympics with signage and clothing for the past 32 years.

Lollipop Signs were first developed for the Olympics and are now an integral part of guest experieces for all major events worldwide.

Let us put our experience to work for your next event and improve your guest experiences.

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Welcome to Lollipop Signs By Moving Products

Lollipop Signs by Moving Products: Serving the Olympics Since 1988

Video Signs

Lollipop Signs has just introduced the world’s first Video Lollipop Signs. Stand out at your next event with your own video or slideshow! It is easy to upload new videos to use at different events.

Sustainability Matters

Eliminate Single-Use Signs Today

With our innovative Component Design System, you can easily change your artwork while keeping your sign to reuse for your upcoming events.

  • Re-Use – New artwork can be easily ordered and quickly assembled.
  • Re-Furbish – All of the components are in stock and replaceable.
  • Re-Charge – The lithium batteries are rechargeable and have a long life span.
  • Re-Cycle – The optional bases are made from 100% recycled rubber.
  • Re-Package – Our reusable pouches protect the signs from damage.
  • Waterproof – Our signs are waterproof, with the top fully submerged for 45 minutes.
  • Long-Lasting Sign Platform – Our signs will last several years or much longer with proper care.
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