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Find the perfect sign to make your event shine and leave a lasting impression with your guests. Showcase your Sponsors and add a touch of elegance to your event.

What is your Sign?

Your signs say a lot about your event.

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    LED Illuminated Signs

    What's a better way of standing out than with custom-built illuminated LED signage?

    You can get the focus on your business with a loud and clear message with these signs. Light up your brand with LED Illuminated Signs today!

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    Hand Held Signs

    Hand Held Signs that make you stand out are only better when they are also sustainable!

    Our ergonomically designed, lightweight, and durable hand held signs will complete and elevate any program's final look!

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    Non-Illuminated Signs

    With the thinnest, lightest, and brightest signs and interactive designs, you can create unique, versatile signs to promote your business!

    You can use it and impress your clients and make your events more enjoyable for your guests.

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    Conference Wayfinding Signs

    Event Wayfinding Signage connects people across the globe. Whether at a corporate conference or any other event, this is a perfect way of making a positive impact on your clients and partners.

    Brighten up your event with Wayfinding Signs!

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    U-Print Lollipop Signs

    U-Print Lollipop Signs saves your precious time and money, and you can print your own signs!

    Whether it is last-minute printing or not, these reusable stickers also help the environment while enhancing your guest experience.

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    Grab-It Custom Event Signs

    Grab-it Lollipop Signs are not just versatile and sustainable but also come with a monopole, tripod, handle, or clamp set.

    They will grab your customer's attention, engaging them and providing information about your brand.

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    Airport LED Lollipop Signs

    Custom Airport Signs will help you easily greet guests with our lightweight and bright airport digital signage.

    Creating a positive customer experience reduces stress & confusion for travellers especially at a busy place like the airport.

  • muster signs

    Illuminated Muster Signs

    Suppose you are unable to erect a permanent Muster Sign, the perfect solution to identify groups and keep your customers together.

    These light, bright, and compact signs are the greatest of all time!

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    Custom Shaped LED Signs

    1. Custom shape, any size
    2. Use with long monopole or short handle
    3. Use with self standing tripod or clamp to anything
    4. Printed both sides for maximum visibility
    5. Perfect wayfinding at large events.
    6. Stand out above the crowd
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    LED Open Seat Signs

    1. Identify open seats
    2. Light up your Conference in dark auditoriums to identify Open Seats and provide identification for VIP Seating
    3. Identify several different lines
    4. The auditoriums at business conferences are dark
    5. In large dark conference halls, people stand at the back while there is open seating up front (without our signs)
    6. Our Light up Open seat signs identify open seats at the front of the auditorium
    7. Brings a bright solution to identify open seats

Love at first Sign

We’ve supplied LED Lollipop Signs to top brands including – Gatorade, Samsung, Facebook, Visa, Dell, United, Cisco, Fox, NBC, Verizon, GE etc., all love our signs. YOU WILL TOO!

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Our sign platform is reusable helping events become more sustainable we plant trees every order to offset our carbon footprint. Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year.

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