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    Hand Held Signs

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    Your guest experience is enhanced with our hand held Lollipop Signs. Identify groups or sub-groups of guests in hotel lobbies and when loading buses. Our unique handheld signs are designed in a creative way to elevate some of the Greatest Of All Time brands. Our Hand Held Event Signs 100% Recyclable

    LED Illuminated Lollipop Signs

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    Sustainable. Thinnest, lightest and brightest Lollipop Event Signs in the world. We are famous for our Sustainable LED Event Signs. Our Lollipop Signs have traveled the world to major events, including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA, Formula 1, MLS, UFC, Kentucky Derby, NBA, RWC, The Olympics, and the Super Bowl. We’ve supplied Gatorade, Facebook, United, Samsung,Visa, Dell, AT&T, Corona, Cisco, NBC, Fox, Verizon, GE, etc., all love our signs. Your guests will love them too!

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    E-eco Tex Banners

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    End Plastic Waste NEW TO NORTH AMERICA! Our PVC-Free banners perform like PVC plastic in every way but are more friendly to the environment. Our Engineered Paper has a 79% smaller carbon footprint than plastic. • PVC Free alternative to TYVEK and regular vinyl banners. • 100% synthetic non-woven TexBanner is highly water resistant, strong and durable. • High tensile strength and tear resistant that can be stapled, sewn or used with grommets. • NFPA 701 certified. This is the same non-flammable certification as draperies etc.

    ImageMax Posters

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    Being Sustainable Does Not Have to Cost More. Our Engineered Paper is 100% paper based and fully recyclable, manufactured with reinforced fibers for maximum strength and durability. Performs like plastic but has a 79% lower carbon footprint than PVC plastic. Our ImageMax Poster Board has a 94-brightness white rating and will not yellow. Water repellent and suitable for protected outdoor signage. Detailed color graphics are easily produced on our extreme white finish.

    Life Size Cut Outs

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    Send us your photo and we will make it stand. Made from 100% blue bin recyclable 3 mm Converd Board

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    Video Lollipop Signs

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    The World’s First MOBILE VIDEO LOLLIPOP SIGN Showcase your brand with VIDEOS and PICTURES. Simple to Use – Create videos or photos on a data stick to bring your BRAND TO LIFE!

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    Foam Board PVC-Free

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    100% Blue-bin Recyclable Foam Board The composite board is made with a core that contains 97% air. The outer layers are made from paper fiber making the product very lightweight, very sturdy and easy to handle. PVC Free alternative to Coroplast or FoamCore. Perfect for tripod stands, table tents and podium stands or for any hi-visibility branding for any venue.

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    PVC-Free Removable Sign Decals

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    DigiScape Removable Sign Decals Sticks to anything. Easy to apply to walls, windows, floors and to other signage to make signs re-usable.

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