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Our Lollipop Signs have travelled the world and can be found at major events, including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA Events, The Olympics and The Super Bowl.

US Patent Pending #62/676352

LED panel sandwiched between metal frame with pole attachment. Very thin, lightweight, reusable, and sturdy. Our Component Design System makes our Lollipops reusable from one event to the next.

Think Design


Our lollipops are designed to be reusable from event to event. Your logo is printed on a back-lit, translucent material that can be removed in seconds and a new logo inserted. All lollipop parts are fully replaceable if scratched or damaged due to misuse.

We can store your lollipops until you need them.

Moving Products also offers a convenient lollipop storage plan. Just return your lollipops after the event, and we will economically refurbish them, store them, and have the lollipops sent to your next event with just-in-time delivery. Nothing could be easier!

Think Reusable


The printed panel is one of the most important parts of the lollipop as it gives instant recognition and branding to the sign. At Moving Products, we believe that the printing process is vital to the overall look and, therefore, all panels are printed on both sides in high definition.

In addition, the panel can be swapped out, making our lollipops reusable for different events.

Think Components

Moving Products’ lollipops are comprised of a series of layers that fit seamlessly together, creating a sleek design that allows for the possibility of reuse at future events.

Think Strength

Lollipops are only as strong as their weakest point. We looked at potential problems with other signs now on the market, which led us to develop the Universal Pole Accessory or the UPA that is unique to our lollipops. The UPA creates strength where the monopole attaches to the sign. It is made from solid aluminum to ensure that it withstands all sorts of wear and tear without breaking.

Think Venue-Approved


All large events have size regulations for signs used at the event. Moving Products has extensive Olympic experience, so you can count on us to take size matters seriously.

This said, regardless of our expertise and assurance, you must make sure to check the size regulations for your event.

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Our Lollipop Signs have travelled the world and can be found at major events, including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA Events, The Olympics, and The Super Bowl.

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