Adidas has been using our LED Lollipop Signs since 2018

people lightenup an addidas logo

Adidas lights up at disco night in Munich 2018. Branding at night events can be a very powerful marketing tool by using our LED Lollipop Signs. Adidas has used our signs for many events worldwide over the past 4 years and loves our signs. You will too!

Adidas LED Signs Enhancing Nighttime Experiences at Events

Our partnership with Adidas has allowed us to push the boundaries of brand visibility and audience engagement through the innovative use of LED technology. These custom signs reflect Adidas’s dynamic and forward-thinking brand identity.

At events like disco night in Munich, where competition for attention is fierce, our LED signs stood out, offering unmatched vibrancy for Adidas. Engineered for durability and designed for impact, they transform the Adidas presence into a luminous beacon, captivating attendees and elevating the brand experience.

Benefits of Lollipop Signs at Night Events

Adidas LED Signs

Elevated Brand Visibility:

LED signs cut through the darkness with vibrant colors and dynamic displays, instantly capturing attention. The striking visual appeal of LED signage offers a memorable brand interaction, reinforcing Adidas’s image as a leader in innovation.

Enhanced Audience Engagement:

LED signs provide a versatile platform to showcase latest products, promotional content, and brand messaging in real time. The ability to update and animate content dynamically keeps the audience engaged and interactive.

Efficiency and Sustainability:

Beyond the visual appeal, LED signs at night events represent a commitment to operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. By investing in durable, energy-efficient signage, you can enhance brand image and align it with broader sustainability goals.

Outshine Your Brand With Our Signs At the Next Night Event!

Our LED signs are designed to make your brand stand out at any night event. Don’t leave your brand’s visibility to chance—let Lollipop Signs guide the way. Get in touch now to start planning!

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