Events that Shine

At Lollipop Signs, we believe that your brand should always STAND OUT. That’s why we offer sustainable and innovative signage options for all events including FIFA, Super Bowl and The Olympics and also for business conferences and corporate events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help events become more sustainable by eliminating single-use signs and eliminating plastic waste.

Our Vision

We strive to make a difference in the Event World with innovative sustainable signage.

Our History

The Lollipop Signs by Moving Products was started back in 1988 during the Calgary Olympics. We supplied Olympic Sponsors with clothing, signage, and logistics for the past 17 consecutive Olympic Games. Lollipop Signs were first developed for the Olympics and are now an integral part of guest experiences for all major events worldwide. Our LED Lollipop Signs are bright and easily visible, even in low light conditions. Lollipop Signs are also a great branding tool, and will help people remember your event even after it’s over.

Moving Products has been serving the Olympics since 1988 by providing Olympic sponsors with signage and clothing for the past 17 consecutive Olympics.


Our Approach

We know events! At Lollipop Signs, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service for all types of customers. We work with clients ranging from events on the world stage to your team-building corporate event. Our experienced, friendly team is always ready to assist you with your signage needs.

We embrace all challenges and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. So, if you have a vision for your signage, don’t hesitate to contact us – we can bring it to life.

Our Philosophy – Lollipop Signs by Moving Products supports gender equality, gender inclusiveness, and equal rights for all races and colors.

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Why Choose Us?

Every one of our signs is crafted to create an eye-catching memory that no other company can match. Lollipop Signs makes a noticeable difference to your event by first understanding the client’s requirements and then recommending sustainable products to help the environment. Our fantastic customer experience will inspire your lifelong devotion to sustainable events.

We Love Events

With 36 years of experience, we know that events connect people, whether from around the block or around the globe. Interacting with each other at events makes us realize that we have more that unites us than divides us.

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Our Customers

Our 36year history with the Olympics

  • 3M
  • Acer
  • Amazon
  • AmericanExpress
  • AT&T
  • Adidas
  • BankofAmerica
  • BellCanada
  • BMW
  • Bombardier
  • Bridgestone
  • Budweiser
  • CanadianPacific
  • Cisco
  • CocaCola
  • CTVTelevision
  • DowChemicals
  • Fairfax
  • GE
  • GeneralMills
  • GeneralMotors
  • GoldmanSachs
  • Hallmark
  • Heineken
  • HomeDepot
  • Hublot
  • IBM
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Kellogg’s
  • Kodak
  • Lloyd’sofLondon
  • Lucent
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MerrillLynch
  • MonsterInc.
  • NationsBank
  • NBCSports
  • Nike
  • Omega
  • PetroCanada
  • Proctor&Gamble
  • TurnerBroadcasting
  • UnitedBreweries

We Ship Worldwide

Our Lollipop Signs have traveled the world and can be found at major events including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA, The Masters, NCAA, PGA Events, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl.


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Our sign platform is reusable helping events become more sustainable we plant trees every order to offset our carbon footprint. Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year.

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