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Identify Open Seats

Light up your Conference in dark auditoriums to identify Open Seats and provide identification for VIP Seating

Experience the POWER OF BRIGHT

Our BRIGHT Open Seat signs provide the best possible solution to seat thousands of people in dark auditoriums safely and without delay. We eliminate the problem of having hundreds of people standing at the back while there is open seating up front.

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Open Seats in Dark Auditoriums

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Identify Lines at Cirque du Soleil

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Sponsor Recongnition

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Conference Wayfinding

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Branding in the Dark

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Follow Me Wayfinding

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Light up Open Seats

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Never Lose a Customer

Looking after your customers at large events is made easy with Light Up Lollipop Signs.  Identify groups by Teams, Zones, activities or simply group numbers or letters.  For many years our signs have been used at major events at exits and dark parking lots to direct guests to their correct buses

Wayfinding at Nighttime Events

Customers are hard to get, so don’t lose them. Hosting a large group requires planning and logistics. Customers are dropped off at one location and are often picked up at another. After the event, BRIGHT Lollipop Signs lead your customers to the right buses that are now located at the far end of the parking lot. BRIGHT Lollipop Signs make sure that no customer is left behind.

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Chick-fil-A  at Super Bowl

Wayfinding at the Kentucky Derby

Looking after your customers at large events is made easy with our BRIGHT Lollipop Signs. Identify groups by teams, zones, activities, or simply group numbers or letters.

Identify Sub Groups at the Kentucky Derby

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Worldwide Experience

Our Lollipop Signs have traveled the world to major events, including FIFA World Cup, NCAA, PGA, Formula 1, MLS, UFC, Kentucky Derby, NBA, RWC, the Olympics and the Super Bowl

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Branding Signs at Large Events

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Identity Seats at Large Events

Identify Seats at Large Sporting Events at Night

Many events such as Formula 1, the Super Bowl, the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics, and FIFA are at night. Guest experience and finding your way around the venue and to your seats is even more critical than ever. This is why our LED Light Up Lollipop Signs by Moving Products have been chosen as the best signage in the world. Let us light up your event!

Signs at Events like Super Bowl and Formula 1

Light Up Lollipop Signs makes looking after your customers at large sporting events and dark auditoriums easy. Identify groups by teams, zones, or activities or simply group numbers or letters. For many years, Lollipop Signs have been used during events and at exits to direct guests to the correct buses in dark parking lots.

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Contact us today to discover how our conference wayfinding signs can enhance navigation, safety, and brand visibility at your next event. Let's make your conference a memorable and seamless experience for every attendee.

Our sign platform is reusable helping events become more sustainable we plant trees every order to offset our carbon footprint. Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year.

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