Component Design System

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Component Design System

How does this work?

product illustration
  • Light weight frame
  • Bright Led panel
  • Front frame
  • Printed on back side
  • Your logo on the front
  • UPA attaches to monopole
  • Light

    entire sign including
    battery and monopole
    is only 2.5lbs (1190 gms)

  • Bright

    About 3 times
    brighter than a 100
    watt bulb

  • Thin

    Only 0.4" thick (1cm)

  • Strong

    The part connecting the
    monopole to the sign is
    made from aluminum

  • Re-usable

    Change the logo in
    4 minutes and use from
    event to event

  • Waterproof

    Don't worrt about rain.
    Our signs are waterproof
    for up to 45minutes
    submerged under water

  • Compatible

    Use with tripods,
    monopole, handles,
    clamps & stands

  • Component

    All parts are
    interchangeable and

Don Soubolsky President & CEO

don soubolsky

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