It is time to think LONG TERM.

ART Send us your artwork in eps or ai format and we will send you the proposed layouts in 24 hours.

DESIGN Our Lollipop Platform is designed for quick changes to the printed component.

Sustainable Eliminate Single-Sign use. We are recognized as being the most sustainable event signs in the world. All components are in stock and can be replaced if life happens.

  • Light The entire sign including the battery and monopole weighs only 1150gms (2.5 lbs).
  • Bright 3900 lumens bright which is 3 times brighter than a 100 watt bulb
  • Thin Only 1.2 cms thick (0.47″).
  • Re-usable Change your printed logo in minutes and use from event to event.
  • Component Each sign consists of multiple layers and can be exchanged in minutes, making the sign re-usable over and over again. Each component is in stock and can be replaced.
  • Strong
    We recognized that the weakest point of signs is where the pole attaches to the sign. We went to a machine shop to make the Universal Pole Accessory out of Aluminum and is now the strongest part of the sign.
  • Waterproof Don’t worry about the rain, our signs are waterproof for up to 45 minutes submerged under water.
  • Compatible There are many optional accessories to choose from. All signs are compatible with camera accessories.
Component Design System

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    Don: President & CEO

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