Hand Held Signs

Light, Beautiful & Reusable

Our Hand Held Signs are perfect to identify sub-groups for activities at large events when loading buses, keeping your groups organized. Our signs are extremely light weight, very durable and ergonomically designed.

Hand Ergonomics

Extremely light and the right shape for your hand. Made from recyclable Komatex, these hand-held Lollipop paddles are perfect to organize events into smaller groups and LOOK GOOD DOING IT TOO!

Add Some Eye Candy

Our fun shapes are Eye Candy, but your message adds substance. The right shape for your eye and the right shape for your hand makes these Lollipop Paddles such a popular way to communicate to your attendees.

They’re not staring at you; they’re staring at the sign!

A Better Way to Lollipop

Our Lollipop Signs light up dark conference auditoriums with OPEN SEAT signs and Branding for Sponsors. At the Olympics and other large events, we light up dark parking lots to help patrons back to their buses after the event is over

Drop Us a Message Free Artwork

Our sign platform is reusable helping events become more sustainable we plant trees every order to offset our carbon footprint. Our Lollipop Signs Forest in Tanzania absorbs 41 tons of C02 every year.

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