People vs Plastice banner

By: Don Soubolsky https://www.lollipopsigns.com/event-signage-pvc-free-banners
1. Choose a Green Key Certified Venue
• The Green Key Eco-Rating of hotels and venues recognizes venues for their commitment to improving environmental performance.
• Choose a location that is easy to travel to using mass transit. If you have VIPs to transport, use electric vehicles.
2. Eliminate Plastic Waste
• Use reusable bags, plates, cups and utensils instead of plastic.
• Use Engineered Paper banners & signs instead of plastic because paper has up to a 79% lower carbon footprint than plastic.
3. Eliminate Food Waste
• Food Rescue. Use agencies such as foodrescue.ca or foodrescue.us to donate surplus food or partner with local charities. Collect and use food consumption data.
• Choose local and fresh food options including vegetarian to reduce carbon footprint.
4. Reduce Waste
• Reduce and Reuse. Stop relying on materials that cannot be reused. Invest in component and modular collateral such as backdrops and signs. Using quality hardware costs less in the long run and is sustainably smart.
• Use paper wherever possible, as paper has 28% less solid waste than plastic and uses 38% less water to produce than plastic.
5. Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Encourage walking by providing walking maps to all participants. Provide free access to public transportation during the event and use electric vehicles for public figures.
• Use Engineered Paper PVC Free banners, signs and posters as paper has a 60% lower energy footprint than plastic.
6. Recycle
• Have a recycling plan and make it easy to recycle. Have recycling bins during the event and print recycling instructions to all vendors for when the event ends for clean up.
• Print recycling symbols on all your printed materials to inform how to sort and recycle.
• Use Engineered Paper Banners. Did you know only 8% of plastic in the U.S. is recycled vs. 66% of paper?
• Check what can be recycled, as recycling capabilities vary from area to area.
7. Eliminate Single-use Signs
• Plan to reuse signs. Do not date signs.
• Design signs with removable stickers to change messages during the event.
• Our Lollipop Sign Platform allows you to change your printed message in minutes and has been recognized as the most sustainable LED Lollipop Signs in the World.

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