Members United for Sustainable Events

MUSE Members United for Sustainable Events
MUSE Members United for Sustainable Events

Michele Fox, founder of Members United for Sustainable Events had a vision to bring Event Planners together to make events more sustainable. MUSE provides leadership for sustainable event management through education, inspiration, and community building across the event industry.

By addressing social, economic, and environmental impacts, we are committed to making sustainable events easy and the norm by providing best practices, resources, and support.
Thomas Mulhare has over 20 years of experience in the event industry and has been involved in over 10’s of thousands of live events. Part of his mission statement is to continually adapt and evolve. Sustainability is about that. He is currently with the New York Botanical Gardens, making a difference.

Brandon Christopher, is an owner of Lexicon Promo, a Black and LGBT-owned promotional product company. They make all of their orders carbon neutral and are striving to do more. They have access to many sustainable and eco-friendly options and are working towards a better model of conscious procurement.

Romina Kwong is the founder and lead sustainability consultant for Eco-Friendly Events. Her company consults and supports event planners and values-based business owners to make better choices in order to reduce the impact that their event or business has on the environment. She has an accessible, and realistic approach to environmental sustainability.

Nicole Brose has had success with sustainability, diverting over 6 tons of waste for the CMT Music Awards. This accomplishment spurred her on to form her own sustainable events consulting company with her business partner, Diana Andrew. Their company, Sheeco, offers sustainability consulting, event planning, webinars, and more.

Al Mercuro is the senior account Director for Genesis Exhibits. 30 years of trade show and events marketing experience has given Al an intuitive ability to match client needs with innovative solutions. Educating clients on being more sustainable at their events is his passion.

Chad Midnight is the co-founder of Aquaduct Water Systems. They transport, store, and dispense large volumes of safe drinking water conveniently with zero power required. Water is what connects us all and Chad’s company’s goal is to eliminate single use packaging to experience long-term social, environmental, and financial incentives for events, hospitality, remote sites and disaster relief.

Eric Skjerseth’s company, Planetary Transport Company, is the first carbon neutral transportation company in America. They provide biodiesel transportation for fans to events.

Stephanie Stopka started her company, Flowers by Stem, with sustainability as the core tenet. She reduces the carbon footprint by focusing on locally sourced flowers and gives many of her creations a second life at nursing homes and hospitals around the area. She has also eliminated the use of toxic, non biodegradable florist foam, using chicken wire instead. Stephanie is also the Vice President of the Green Wedding Alliance, a collective of local wedding and event vendors in the Chicago area, working together to bring more eco-friendly practices to the event industry.

Pallavi Pande started her company, Dtocs, to bring to the market greener and more eco-sensible living tableware. The tableware is made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves – completely natural and chemical-free in manufacturing and compostable after use. They employ a majority female workforce and part of the proceeds from their sales go towards improving education for the poor local communities in India.

Don Soubolsky is the president and founder of Lollipop Signs by Moving Products. Their LED illuminated lollipop signs are designed with sustainability and reuse in the forefront. Unlike many single use event signs, these signs are meant to be reused over and over again. Don has researched how his company could make an even bigger sustainability impact in the event industry. He developed a new line of engineered paper banners and signs that are PVC free and have a 79% smaller carbon footprint that their plastic counterparts. Don believes that if everyone does even one little thing for the environment it will add up and make an impact.

Beth Lockwood is president of Green Scene NYC Events, powered by Details NYC DMC & Events. Her company specializes in Green, Sustainable events, Meetings and Community Service Giving Back experiences. Their Mission is to minimize their environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same. They do this by creating gatherings that include cultural, environmental or charitable components that make a significant impact on the environment and give back to the community.

Kelsey Kruel is with MIXTO Events. They are a socially and environmentally-conscious event planning and community engagement company. They focus on providing clients and partners with inclusive, accessible, and sustainable event planning services as well as working alongside the community to uplift other like-minded businesses and organizations.

Michael Siminitus brings 15 years of environmental experience to his role as principal consultant for Waste Busters. They work with companies and events to help keep organics out of landfills, recyclables flowing through the economy and non-recyclable waste to a minimum. They provide complete services for greening including: equipment and supplies, bins, signs, educational materials, litter collection, waste sorting and professional event support staff. A zero waste world can be a reality.

Chaz Peling is CEO of SolSolutions, a company that consultants, designs and integrates off-grid and mobile solar/battery based power and lighting systems. They have helped pioneer the concept of Sustainable Event Production equipment rental and services. They have also worked in collaboration with several other pioneers addressing waste, water and event transport.

Michael Cyr is cofounder of Cup Zero. They provide a turnkey reusable solution for drinking cups for events that include logistics, delivery, collection points, signage, washing, sanitizing, and storing cups. Zero waste for cups made easy.

Karen Young is a senior events manager with Verdical Group. They are sustainability consultants and sustainable event planners that work to make a positive impact on the climate crisis. They work with their clients to build a net zero future, and inspire as many others as possible to do the same.

Suzanne Morrell is the founder of Creating Events. Her company works with clients to ensure the highest standards for sustainability at their events. This can include everything from solar powered venues, to responsibly sourced materials, locally grown wine, flowers and food, the sense of place and all the people in that place help make an event sustainable.
and nurture potential donors who have renewable assets to share.

Syd Mandelbaum is the CEO and founder of Rock and Wrap It Up, an award winning, anti-poverty think tank. They research, discover and nurture potential donors who have renewable assets to share. Our donors include touring bands, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, professional sports teams, hospitals and TV/film shoots throughout North America. They have many other initiatives in place to help those in need.

Angela Castelli is the president of Natural Tableware for North America. Natural Tableware is a biodegradable, disposable plate ware manufacturing company, headquartered in Amsterdam. Award-winning designs, natural materials and the latest technical possibilities have created beautiful, high-quality, natural disposable tableware with a positive social and environmental impact. They bring an elegant, high-design aesthetic to the mission of sustainability within the hospitality world.

Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton is the founder of Astrapto which offers courses, coaching, and consulting to advance sustainability in hospitality, events, travel, and other services industries. Her passion is to make sustainability practical and positive for people whose job title is not sustainability, but who have a passion to drive positive impact in and through their organizations and supply chains.

Francis Purvey is executive vice president at Sunlark Associates. They are Tourism Management and Hospitality Sales and Marketing specialists with the current focus on regenerative and sustainability best practices.

Lowell Fox is principal sustainability manager with Recycle Track Systems. They partner with local, independent haulers and outfits vehicles with proprietary routing technology that streamlines collection routes and keeps in constant communication with individual pickup sites. From garbage to recyclables, compost, e-waste and reusable materials – RTS helps businesses and communities manage waste more responsibly.

Lastly, Vickie Corder has a senior account manager at one of the best Experiential Agencies that care about the environment and want to make Events More Sustainable. Helms Brisco is a leader in Sustainable Events
There are many more great people in the world that want to make Events more Sustainable.
Contact if you want to attend a free information seminar.

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